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Saturday, May 15, 2010

DeMarcus Beasley...Homecoming?

Earlier this week DaMarcus Beasley tweeted that he would not be returning to the Glasgow Rangers. This was in many ways a double edged sword for me. On one side, I love Rangers and thought DeMarcus would be a huge addition and contributor to Rangers when he arrived in 2007. Being so young and as talented as he is I hate for him to have to move on.

On the other side being a huge fan of MLS soccer and wanting to see the league grow this is a great opportunity for the league to set up and sign a home grown player of Beasley's talent. I feel that the MLS
needs to sign all the players that they can in order to become a premier league. I realize that DaMarcus Beasley is not the next coming of Pele, but he is a talented guy who would be well received on his home soil.

To all MLS teams, pick up your phone, open your check books and bring DeMarcus Beasley back to the US! Directory


1 comment:

  1. I agree. DeMarcus Beasley definitely needs to come home. Soccer isn't as big in the U.S. as other sports are, but if we build our teams with talented players, we could attract more people to the game. A while back we brought over David Beckham, but one star isn't going to do the job. We need a team of stars. It's about the team. When I think about what Beasley could do for the U.S., I think about this film I just saw, "Looking For Eric." This film stars soccer legend Eric Cantona! In the film, there is this great moment when Cantona tells the main character (Eric Bishop) that some of his best plays are due to the help of his teammates. It's not just about the single player. The main character is able to use this information to get help in his life from his friends. Along with some other great moments, this film has some great footage of Eric Cantona.